Party Politics in Councils

Tweet The spurt in the number of relatively high-profile minor parties who contested the 2013 federal election has given me cause to wonder about party affiliated local councillors. Tweet

It’s Not Easy to be a Green

Tweet Warning: Rant Ahead. One of Bob Brown’s major tag lines is that the majority of the population agrees with the Greens on issues like climate change and social policy. I suspect he’s right. But the problem for the Greens is the majority of the population – those who see the world and politics in ...

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon
Tweet On Monday, Kevin Rudd strode into Parliament a white knight leading a small band of fierce yet determined foot soldiers. He was there to do battle with the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. From his pronouncements, we can imagine Rudd sees Gillard as an unfathomably evil creature who robbed him. She was the red dragon ...

Cartel Parties in Australia’s Democracy

Tweet Democracy is notoriously difficult to define, but any serious conception always includes power being somehow vested with the people. And yet in countries that would be considered democratic, the power mostly seems to stick with certain elite groups. These groups have privileged access to the media and that usually enforces their success in elections. ...

Coal Seam Gas – Storify

Tweet View “Coal seam gas concerns stoked by foamy discharge” on Storify Tweet