Subject Coordinator

I have been subject coordinator in the following subjects at Charles Sturt University:

COM112 Digital Media, Session 2 2016-2018
This subject is designed to provide an introduction to the ever-evolving world of online digital and social media. Students will learn how to better navigate the web to find, filter and curate authentic and credible information, consider their own digital identity as part of their participation in collaborative media and culture and examine the strength and influence of online networks. Students will cultivate best practice in their personal and professional online digital media life, which will culminate in a major project that showcases their development as thoughtful consumers and producers of online media content.

CCI502 Multiplatform Communication, Session 3, 2016
This subject explores multiplatform communication, with a specific focus on digital platforms and how they can be leveraged for strategy. We use theory to illuminate the field of multiplatform communication with a specific interest directed at advertising, public relations and journalism. In discussing contemporary approaches and frameworks, the subject aims to arm students with the skills, knowledge and wisdom to confidently navigate in and across platforms.

I have been subject coordinator in the following subjects at the University of Wollongong:

DIGC210 Digital Dissent, Autumn 2016

Subject Description
Digital communication technologies are developed by researchers and corporations, regulated by governments and used as tools by activists. This subject looks at policy debates about how these technologies should or can be controlled and activist debates about how to use technologies to promote social change. Possible topics include gender-related Activism, pro-democracy movements, environmental activism, youth and social movements. The subject locates communication technologies in the context of broader processes of social control by powerful interests and their use as part of strategies for challenging these interests.