CSU Journalism Students Travel to Timor Leste Under New Colombo Plan

14/09/2018 TV Interview with Nine News Central West

Lauren Forbes

The Simpsons composer behind iconic cartoon songs sacked

30/08/17 The New Daily (National), Australia, Web

Rachel Eddie

SYNFM Interview

07/11/16 SYN Media (Local), Australia, Radio

Interviewed on SYNFM about ‘Why The Simpsons has lost its way’

2SER Interview

07/11/16 2SER (Local), Australia, Radio

Interviewed on 2SER about ‘Why The Simpsons has lost its way’

ABC News Afternoons

04/11/16 ABC News (National), Australia, Television

Interviewed on ABC News 24 about ‘Why The Simpsons has lost its way’

TV becoming increasingly obsolete as more streaming services appear online

13/08/17The Daily Advertiser (Local), Australia, Print

Jeremy Frost

Griffith mayor John Dal Broi cautious about changes to media rules in federal budget

15/05/17 The Daily Advertiser (Local), Australia, Print

Stephen Mudd

Media personalities weigh in on Nine’s new regional bulletin

09/02/17 The Daily Advertiser (Local), Australia, Print

Stephen Mudd

Sources say Channel Nine’s new Wagga bulletin will air ‘within weeks’

16/01/17 The Daily Advertiser (Local), Australia, Print

ABC Western Plains Interview

08/05/17 ABC Western Plains (Regional), Australia, Radio

Interview with ABC Western Plains about Facebook targeting children

2BS BRock Interview

06/05/17 2BS (Local), Australia, Radio

Interview with 2BS-BRock on Facebook targeting children

Channel 10 News

01/05/17 Channel 10 News (National), Australia, Television

Interviewed by Channel 10 news about Facebook targeting children

The Project, Channel 10

01/05/17 The Project (National), Australia, Television

Interview on The Project about Facebook targeting children

Facebook exploiting vulnerability of children

01/05/16 ABC Radio Melbourne (National), Australia, Radio

3 min 14 sec

Big brands follow the leader on YouTube ad boycott but it won’t last long

03/04/17 Crikey (National), Australia, Web

Emily Watkins

How Facebook and Google changed the advertising game

13/03/17 The Conversation (National), Australia, Web

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