One Year Thyroid Free

One Year Thyroid Free
Tweet May 1 is something of an anniversary for me – it’s a year today since my thyroid and the tumour attached to it were removed. So, what’s changed? What’s happened? What did I learn in that time? Perhaps just as importantly, what has stayed the same? I’ll start with a change. A colleague and ...

Level Boss Cleared 3

Level Boss Cleared
Tweet Today, I’ve had two coinciding momentous life events. The first was the (effective) end of something that has overshadowed my life since about December 2012. The second was a relatively minor event that marks, for me, a big step toward my future. Tweet

Splitting Blood Cells

Tweet I came across an interesting example of pedantry this week while having the latest in my battery of blood tests. That distinction seems to be based on (a) who filled out the referral form and (b) why the test has been ordered. Tweet

PhD Pathways

Tweet Given my experiences of the last year, and my impending wedding, I’ve started to wonder whether staying enrolled in my PhD as a full-time student and part-time worker is the best option for my stage of life. You need to fit these things to your life, and it might be right for me to ...

On #HoldenAd and @WSC_Media 1

On #HoldenAd and @WSC_Media
Tweet Scene: Boardman Rd, Bowral, NSW, Australia. A quiet residential street. Enter: Holden, with location sourcing company Sach Australia, production company Exit Films, Wingecarribee Shire Council and Cato Traffic & Logistics. Tweet