Open Data Does Not Necessarily Mean Open Government

Tweet I’m republishing this piece from The Conversation because I’m interested in these issues and it has some resonance for the way I approach my work on local governments. Tweet

Party Politics in Councils

Tweet The spurt in the number of relatively high-profile minor parties who contested the 2013 federal election has given me cause to wonder about party affiliated local councillors. Tweet


Tweet In 2003, Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa bought a local newspaper, Grocott’s Mail. The Uni set it up as an experiential training centre for students and plough any profits back into student bursaries. It reports your average local news stories; on the website front page today are two articles about the local council, Makana ...

Case Studies

Case Studies
Tweet I have settled on a case-study approach to my PhD research. It will focus on five local governments in the greater Illawarra region of New South Wales, considering how they form and react to public issues via participatory media. The five local governments, Wingecarribee Shire, Wollondilly Shire and Wollongong City, Shellharbour City, and Kiama Municipality, have ...

An Introduction to Participatory Media and Local Governments 4

Tweet This is an extract from my PhD research proposal review, submitted and approved in September 2013. As this is an introduction to a proposal, it is exploratory and sometimes vague. It does not contain all information and data I have collected on a particular point to the moment of writing, nor does it claim ...

“Thyroid Goblins” 1

Tweet A visit to the endocrinologist went well today, but the word thyroglobulin caused Meghan some troubles, thus the title of this post. Like all good goblins, my thyroglobulin levels need to be kept low. Or, rather, if they spike, it would be an indication of recurrence. To make sure the cancer stays away, they’ll ...

Scar Track 2

Scar Track
Tweet For your grisly viewing pleasure, here is my scar as it has progressed since surgery on May 1. You can judge the progress by either the healing of the scar, or the growth of my beard – your choice. If you’re wondering why I’m sharing scar pics, check out the first 20 seconds of ...

Waiting, Dehydrating and all that

Waiting, Dehydrating and all that
Tweet I haven’t written for a while, mostly because I haven’t known what to write. I’m in a kind of frustrating wait zone at the moment, half-way between an ‘all-clear’ and ‘more treatment’. But I had a phone call from my endocrinologist today, so that has sparked me to write something. Tweet

Asking things from Politics

Tweet What frightens us so much in collective action, the reason why we delight so much in despising it, is that we might see reflected in its distorted mirror our own grimacing faces. Are we not asking from the assembly something it cannot possibly deliver, so that talking positively of politics horrifies us because it’s ...

The Difficulty with Digital

Tweet My PhD research concerns the digital communications practices of local governments in Australia. It encompasses their policies, motivations and actions in community consultation, online service delivery, communication of emergency information, e-democracy, e-government and more. It has often been said to me that digital communications is such a rapidly changing field that understanding phenomena in ...