Scar Track 2

For your grisly viewing pleasure, here is my scar as it has progressed since surgery on May 1. You can judge the progress by either the healing of the scar, or the growth of my beard – your choice. If you’re wondering why I’m sharing scar pics, check out the first 20 seconds of this video from the best football movie ever.

First, a pre-surgery pic.

Pre-Op Neck

The day after surgery (May 2). Notice the bruising:


May 18, two weeks post-surgery.

2013-05-18 16.59.30

June 14:

2013-06-14 12.06.43

And, finally, today (July 12):

2013-07-12 21.44.31

As you can see, it has faded quite a lot. I haven’t been doing anything special to get this to occur. In fact, I was advised to keep it covered for three months for the best aesthetic result, but I gave up after only one month. I have been using Vitamin E cream daily, often more than once a day, but not religiously. All in all, not a bad result.