Decisions to be Made 2

I’ve been putting it off, but time moves inexorably, and it won’t stop (nor even slow) for me. I have to really make some careful decisions about where I want my life to go – not just for the next six months or year, but for decades.

If you follow this blog, you may know I’ve already lodged an application to complete an honours year following my recent graduation. I’m also working hard on my new social media business. I have a pro bono client who I’m very happy to be working with, and I’m confident of the future. In my main job, I work three days a week in a political office, which is where I really have been heading for a few years now. The work is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Amongst all of that, I spend plenty of time doing volunteer community work.

Here’s the problem: Which of the three (academia, business or politics) do I focus on?

  • I could easily pursue an academic career. I could go on from honours to a PhD and teach. I enjoy working with young people and helping people learn. I’ve done a fair bit of that with Rotary/Rotaract, SHYAC and other community organisations.
  • Similarly, I could continue working on my business, which I also enjoy. I could pursue that business, or others. I could seek employment in the private sector and work my way through to the top, hopping from company to company seeking jobs that offer more than the last.
  • Or, finally, I could stick with politics. Who knows where that would lead?

My problem is I’ve always been interested in too many things. In addition to the stuff listed above, I also enjoy participating in the arts – theatre and photography mostly. And, I’d love to do some serious traveling. And, whatever my choice, it also needs to work for Meghan.

All suggestions and comments welcome!