A Right Proper Media Mogul

I have been a little quiet on social networks in the last few weeks, because I’ve been working quite a lot on setting up my first real company: The Fat Tulip Communications and Media Pty Ltd.

The Tulip is intended to be a broad-based media and digital media agency. It will leverage my skills with those in my network to create all sorts of media. The business is designed to allow me to explore my own passions and interests in digital and mass media. It is intended to offer a professional service to clients, while at the same time being a vehicle for my own new projects and ideas.

Some of those ideas include:

  • Photography projects;
  • iOS and Android app development;
  • Local news media websites;
  • Theatre; and
  • Various niche blogs.

If you’re interested in participating in/partnering with me on any of these ideas, please get in contact.

The name came from a friend, who described the large concrete tulip at the centre of Bowral’s Corbett Gardens as the fat tulip. I loved it, and quickly borrowed it for my own purposes. I first purchased the domain name TheFatTulip.com.au (which will redirect to TheFatTulip.com from December 10) early this year. I set it up as a local news website for the Southern Highlands. However, I soon realised I didn’t have the time to really devote to the site and it lay mostly dormant. During that time, I was still actively tweeting and retweeting local news from @TheFatTulip.

For the last few months, I have been working on a business plan for a communications and media agency that allowed me to employ the full range of skills from my degree. It became an obvious idea to link the two, and thus The Fat Tulip was born. I’m really looking forward to where it goes.