Bob Carr is Sadly Mistaken

In a recent post on his often-rambling blog, former NSW Premier Bob Carr begs for preferences from those intending to vote for the Greens on March 26. Carr tries to scare voters into delivering their preferences to Labor after the Greens by invoking the threats of a demonic far right parliamentary consortium of the Coalition, the Shooter’s Party and the Christian Democrats. He also outlines what he perceives as Labor’s environmental successes from the last four years. Such successes seem to particularly include locking up thousands of hectares of forests. They are worthy achievements, but, unfortunately for Carr, do not amount to what they seem. Carr conveniently ignores the nasty, symbiotic relationship between the Shooters’ Party and Labor over the past four years. This relationship has lead to environmental degradation and harm. His poxy memory extends to the “bullets for votes” deal detailed by The Australian. In that particular article, the paper ruminated on Labor’s decision to allow excision of more than a thousand fire-prone hectares from a State Park to create a giant new regional shooting centre on the site of an existing small local rifle range. The relationship between Labor and the Shooters’ Party is further discussed by this Sydney Morning Herald article – one of many – about a bill proposing to allow hunting in National Parks. It leads: “Hunters will be allowed to shoot animals in national parks for the first time under a deal offered to the Shooters’ Party by the NSW Government.” It is unfortunate that Mr Carr, despite his intellect and experience, is so obsessed with re-election of his failing former government that he can simply forget history in penning this particular blog.