Political Activity 1

I have always held to the philosophy that the best way to influence politics and help resolve societal issues is to be active in the political process. For that reason, I have involved myself in various campaigns, written broadly on a number of issues, and stood for Wingecarribee Council at the 2008 NSW Local Government Elections.

At the 2008 local government elections, I was an independent candidate on Paul Tuddenham’s ticket. I was second on the ticket and tipped as an outside chance of being elected. I participated in the campaign by representing our ticket in fora such as the environmental discussion organised by CANWin and contributing to our policy platform in discussion with Paul and other team members. Despite some filthy campaigning and outright lies peddled by other candidates, Paul was duly elected to Council. I am proud of and support his record on most issues. The election reaffirmed for me me the need to abide by personal principles regardless of the actions of others.

In addition to the election, I have been a member of a political party (note the past tense!), even though I often don’t agree with their stance and have written of the need to devolve Australia’s political parties from their present cartel structure.

I am open-minded about most political issues. My broad political philosophy includes:

  • humanitarianism;
  • supporter for public education and public transport;
  • environmental concerns;
  • anti-racism;
  • logic;
  • big picture thinking; and
  • democratically driven.

I would describe my philosophy as social liberal.